Watch Colby Covington Draw Some of the Loudest Boos in UFC History

Watch Colby Covington Draw Some of the Loudest Boos in UFC History

Covington (13-1) was raging after his unanimous decision win in the welterweight bout over crowd favourite and Brazilian native, Maia.

Ricardo Liborio - one of the men who founded American Top Team (ATT) and its former instructor - is not a fan of UFC welterweight Colby Covington's statements about Brazilians.

At the very least, it's obnoxious. "The experience, it was awesome". So, I don't think I crossed any line.

Consider the current plight of the UFC welterweight champion.

What are your thoughts on Maia's comments regarding Covington's disrespectful words to the Brazilian crowd this past weekend? "I've rolled with Colby for five, six years". "Look at the stuff they're saying to me all week, the stuff in the walkout".

"What he said to me was, since the beginning, during the week, he said he respected me a lot and he was promoting the fight, and that was his way of promoting", Maia said Saturday at the UFC Sao Paulo post-fight press conference.

'What matters is that he was respectful, he was correct to come and talk to me, so there's no problem'. The end result is that he's now hated by two types of people: the ones who bought the schtick and the ones who didn't.

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Despite copping a backlash for this comments, Covington doubled down on his stance against Brazil, a country which has a rich history in mixed martial arts and produces several world-class UFC fighters. When you lose, you're going to be remembered. "But I probably wont be making an appearance back in Brazil". He was like, 'Hey, we've gotta get you out of here. It's not too hard to see his point. It's got to be a little disheartening for the champ.

"I got one thing to say - Tyron Woodley, I'm coming for you". Covington's routine? It's succeeded in getting him noticed. The Internet peddles anger, and business is good. The UFC is in dire need of new stars. He failed to excite anyone with his actual fighting, but angering people is a fine enough substitute. I don't like that style, but I don't judge him. This is a game to me. We ducked so no one sees us over the balcony.

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