Google Files Go launches on Android as lightweight toolkit

Google Files Go launches on Android as lightweight toolkit

Now available as a preview, Files Go lets you manage and share files and free up space on your smartphone or tablet.

Fast-forward a few days, however, and Files Go is once again available to download directly through Google Play. At the top of this tab, Files Go lets you know how much storage you have used out of the total available on your smartphone or tablet.

In layman terms, what this malicious app codes do is to basically infiltrate your phone, spam you with ads, and make it undetectable to delete by concealing its presence on devices by creating a blank icon, so that it couldn't be seen in the Apps screen after being installed. But based on our brief tests, we didn't encounter any obvious problems. Just select the name from the list and share your files.

For us, the Storage tab presented a card to free up 1.05GB of app cache, free up 274MB of large image files, free up 36B of downloaded files, and free up 25.53MB of duplicate files.

Files Go is a free download here on Google Play.

This is a beta app, and Google notes that there could be some bugs and issues that arise while using the app.

Both Google and WhatsApp reassured users that anyone downloading an update to the real messaging platform would not have been affected by the fake app and they can continue using the genuine application as normal. It also enables you to share the files offline- quickly and securely. This feature is really handy if you have or want a file that is too big to share via email, such as a video file. The company had been preparing to announce its new file manager for Android later in December, but those plans were thwarted earlier this week when the app was spotted in the wild during testing.

Do you need Google Files Go? . Overall, the app is simple yet does the trick by offering up storage management device.

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