Amazon Announces All-new Kindle App

Amazon Announces All-new Kindle App

You can check out a preview video below. The new app gets a number of upgrades and new features over the previous version.

Amazon has launched an all-new Kindle app with many design changes.

The UI has also been upgraded with a new white background, bigger cover images, bunch of thoughts in the font selections. This specific set of features are only available to iOS users for the moment.

So, what is this all about? You can also select a light or dark theme.

The bottom bar also features a 'one-tap access' to Kindle's most popular features that will let you switch between the pages of your book, your personal bookstore, and your library, the company claims.

With the new update, the Kindle for iOS is given a facelift. A search bar for the Kindle store will be constantly present on top of the screen to ensure seamless book title search.

The new Kindle app launches today on iOS and on Android. In fact, the new Amazon Kindle app has been completely redesigned and gives lots of new features. You will now be able to login to your Goodreads account and find any information you want. This section gets support for the Goodreads posts including friends' notes and highlights.

Goodreads is the world's largest social network for readers, having over 65 million members.

Amazon is pulling some dirty tricks to rope people into signing up for their Kindle Unlimited program.

The first too are great tablets, but with the Fire 7 now available for £39.99, it's almost silly not to buy one.

Some features of Goodreads you can access in the Kindle app for iOS include suggestions on who you can follow, and a new Community tab.

For those looking for a cheaper tablet, then the Amazon Fire might be just the ticket. The Goodreads integration into the Amazon Kindle iOS app is only for people within the United States. The Android version will get the integration in a future update.

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